Free Environmental Science Courses to Take to Learn About Climate Change

Hey! This post is a work in progress, but I wanted to get this out there!

Below are free courses you can take to learn more about our planet, the natural systems in place, and how climate change is impacting our way of life.

1 OnlineDegree – Environmental Science – Climate Change & The Cryosphere

2 Coursera – Our Earth: Its Climate, History, and Processes

3 Coursera – Biosphere 2 Science for the Future of Our Planet

4 EdX – Making Sense of Climate Science Denial

5 EdX – Sensing Planet Earth ā€“ Water and Ice

6 Coursera – Introduction to the Arctic: Climate

7 Coursera – Climate Change and Water in Mountains: A Global Concern


Yo! Iā€™m Katelyn, but call me KT šŸ˜‰

Iā€™m here to make it easy as possible to live your best green life.


Because this bitch is about to burn up and we need to do our part to help stop and reverse the damaging effects we have caused our planet. BUT that doesn't mean it needs to be complicated. It doesn't mean it should break the bank.

You deserve to live your life as you wish, and also feel good that you're not damaging the environment as a result.

We CAN have it both ways, we just need to change what we buy, and how we dispose of items that we bring into our lives.

Easy, peasy stuff. Jump on board and stop being trashy!

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